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Without any doubt, addic7ed is one of the most reputed sites. It is easily available on the Internet. Also, it can easily be downloaded with the help of authentic sources. Before downloading any subtitle site, always download an anti-virus in your system to protect it. It will keep your system away from any kind of malware or virus.

How to Add Subtitles 

Adding subtitles to your movie, like Addic7ed subtitles, is a breeze. Just follow these steps:

  • Download VLC Player: Get VLC Player from the internet and install it.
  • Open Your Movie: Use VLC Player to open your movie.
  • Find Subtitle File: Get the Yify subtitle file (usually with a “.srt” extension).
  • Add Subtitles: Click ‘Subtitle’ in the top menu and choose ‘Add Subtitle File’. Select the Yify subtitle file you downloaded.


The number of people watching series, shows, movies, and seasons is immense.

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A lot of people used to prefer watching these shows in languages they can understand easily. So rather than watching more exciting movies or shows they used to stick to those which are easily understandable. They already knew that they were missing a lot of fun and exciting shows but because of language barriers, they had to.

Technology and the internet are playing a very vital role in this cause. So because of this fast technology subtitles were introduced. For instance, addic7ed is the topmost subtitle site people use for watching shows. In case you are watching a Japanese series and you are unaware of the Japanese language you don’t have to stress at all. Shows can easily be watched with the help of subtitles sites. It’s not only about Japanese you can also watch Chinese, French, Korean and other ranges of different languages.

Are we copyright protected?

There are a huge number of people who claim that addic7ed this is us. Just because of its highest-ranking people have started making false sites and claiming they are original. Everyone should be aware of the authentication. Even the FBI addic7ed claims that this is the only reliable source for subtitles. So, addic7ed subtitles suits are the most reliable site to watch your favorite show.

If addic7ed is not showing the proper result or showing an error you don’t have to worry about that. You will surely find an addic7ed alternative which means the upgraded version of this site. Also if you directly want to watch subtitles you can search for suits. Also, subtitles are copyright protected. Like other shows and seasons are protected under a proper law of video and audio.

So in case you are downloading subtitles for a random source, it is going to be an infringement of the copyright act. To build your trust in addic7ed and watch as many shows as you want in as many languages as you want.

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How can a team addic7ed add subtitles to the media player? 

Adding subtitles to the media player is very easy. All that matters is the most trustworthy media player. Adding process is quite easy. For choosing the subtitle option right click on Vlc. After that choose the option of Add subtitles and opt for the selected file. By this method, you will start seeing subtitles on your screen.

Major features 

Using this site is completely hassle-free. You don’t have to scroll a lot to find an accurate search. Even people say that they are completely satisfied with addic7ed Reddit and with the services as well. Also, it is free as you don’t have to spend extra pennies on purchasing its upgraded versions. All of the content available on addic7ed can be found in the searchable section of the website.

A few of the topmost features of addic7ed are as follow: 

  1. This site is very advanced. 
  2. It contains a large database of subtitles in multiple languages. 
  3. It also has a chrome extension. 
  4. It is a global language filter.

What are the advantages of addic7ed subtitles? 

Research shows that while watching movies or shows almost 75% of people turn on subtitles for better understanding. Through this, you can easily make your life easy. If you are unable to understand any word through pronunciation you can easily read it. It has a few very important advantages that are very beneficial for its audience. I have mentioned the top 3 advantages for my readers. 

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New language

I have heard a lot of times that many people learn a new language just by watching shoes in a different language other than their native language. Through addic7ed subtitles, you can easily watch your show in multiple languages. In case you are planning to learn a new language, all you can do is start watching a show in that language and you will improve a lot and will learn effectively. As people read novels and storybooks and get bored. But by watching some shows or reading the subtitles you are going to enjoy it. It is going to be fun.

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Culture and custom

Through subtitles, you can easily get to know a lot about different cultures worldwide. In case you have started watching some French shows. Initially, you were unaware of its language. But since you have started watching it you will start developing a bond. Through this, you will not only watch the show you will start learning about their culture and norms.


Learning Disabilities 

People who cannot hear make up a large percentage of the population. So these subtitles are there to help people who are having attention deficits. People having issues can also enjoy their favorite shows without facing any difficulties. Also, it is proved that 75% of the audience watch shows with subtitles as they consider subtitles a form of learning aid. Not only people with special needs know about this. Overall research that subtitles are very beneficial for understanding.