10 Best Anime like Akira To Watch in 2023

Anime like Akira

Have you watched Akira? You might be thinking about what to watch next after this animated masterpiece. 

Akira is an animated movie that became a hit not only in Japan but also in the World of animations. Anime fans love this animated series and they never want this cartoon series to have an end. But every story has an end and the same is the case with Akira. 

Now, if you want to watch the same quality of animations after Akira is over. Here is a list of anime like the Akira series. You will enjoy watching these cartoons too. Have a look at them:

1. Freedom 

Among films like Akira, freedom has got a lot of resemblances. If Akira would have been filmed on the moon then, freedom is an anime that has a lot of similarities with it.

This cartoon series films the destruction of a space colony on the moon named Eden. People who live there are not sure about the reason for these activities. A young hovercraft racer solves this mystery. Freedom has a similar story to Akira. 

2. Ghost in the shell 

This series has a lot of attributes like Akira that people started Akira vs ghost in the shell competition. If Akira is your favorite anime show then, you will love seeing Ghost in the shell.

Ghost in the shell is an animated series that discusses advancements in technology and humanity. This show is based on a story where the human brain is controlled for political warfare by using technology. 

3. Metropolis 

Metropolis is another beautiful anime like Akira. There are resemblances among the stories of Akira, Ghost in the shell, and Metropolis. In this animated series, you will see political themes arising. This all happens because technology advances faster and gets out of control of the humans. The robots that were created by humans replace them by snatching their jobs. You will enjoy this animated series very much if Akira is your favorite. 

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4. Psycho-pass 

This animated series tells the story of a police force that is known as CID. the criminal investigation department is given a task to maintain order in an unpleasant society. The evil government of this anime has a grip on its people. They kill anyone who is unstable. The targets are selected based on the negative signals they get through scanners. This anime like akira will also be a treat to watch.

5. Serial experiments lain 

If you are someone who gets attracted by odd stories then, serial experiments lain is the perfect anime for you. This series follows a lot of philosophical themes that you have explored in Akira.

These themes have a striking narrative that will inspire the viewers. Another like in both these animated series is that you will see a protagonist with spiritual powers having opposite roles to play.

6. Elfen Lied

The 13th episode of this animated series has similarities with Akira. The storyline of Akira follows human experiments that made individuals psychics having great powers.

Things get worse as they do not have any control over their powers. The 13th episode of Elfen Lied follows the same storyline as it shocked viewers with its explicit content. You will remember the scenes even if you have watched the series a long time ago.

7. Steam boy

Stream boy and Akira have different storylines but they have the same author. These two brilliant animated series are created by the legend of anime Katsuhiro Otomo. Another similarity between these cartoons is their animation traces. The steam boy is a story of an inventor who protects the amazing steam-powered invention of his grandfather so that it could not get into the wrong hands. You can enjoy this movie with your family too. 

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8. Neo Tokyo 

If you are looking for a horror story then, Neo Tokyo is a great anime series to watch. There are different episodes like “The running man” in which a psychic race kills the opponents in a Death circus. The last short is another sequence in which some mad robots run a production facility. Neo Tokyo has different stories that cover scenes about morality, technology, and uncontrolled power just as the same in Akira. 

9. Appleseed 

This animated series also has some likes with Akira. The way Akira focused on reproducing psychics. This cartoon show reproduces humans through cloning. There are stimulating action scenes that engage viewers.  These thrilling scenes show the interference of the process of human lives. You will find this anime very interesting as well. 

10. Tekkonkinkreet 

This animated series does not have the graphics like Akira but there are similarities in storylines. Tekkonkinkreet is an imaginative city that is run by thugs. This anime focuses on the story of two brothers who are working hard for their survival. The same as the Akira and Kaneda friendship. Viewers have their sympathies with these brothers as they possess humanity. 


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