10 Best Anime like Ghost in the Shell

Anime like Ghost in the Shell

Ghost in the shell, as described by Wikipedia, is a cyberpunk anime meaning a science fiction that aims to portray a lowlife and high-tech combination. It is a 1995 film set in the next century. It introduced cybernetic technology in which the human body can be supplemented to or replaced with cybernetic parts. In simpler words, the ghost in the shell refers to the consciousness inhabiting the body.

Roger Ebert’s review says that it is not just any traditional science fiction movie. It has a tendency. The characters talk in concepts and the movie has abstract information. Moreover, the lead character is Maj, a woman who challenges social stereotypes. It has a hidden meaning which is difficult to crack for everyone, but it is a breakthrough film. 

There is no match for Ghost in the Shell, but the following is the list of ghost in shell movies that can satisfy your appetite if you love such cyberpunk genres.

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1. Ergo Proxy

Ergo Proxy, like the ghost in the shell series order, uses different approaches and aspects to display. This includes psychology and history. It is a piece of artwork. Even if does shows action, it also sheds light on a new perspective about what it takes to be human, what is the role of religion and what it is to actually be yourself. Various ideologies and philosophies are also put to test. Pino is one of the interesting characters. She made the screen lively. There are also some secrets and darkness to the series too. Overall, it is food for thought kind of series. 

2. Terror in Resonance 

This series has been loved by the viewer after the anime like a ghost in the shell. It is power-packed with entertainment and thrill. The direction, the music, and the character design, everything is brilliant. After the terrorist attack, the only clue to find the culprit is the internet video. 

Two mysterious kids, the Sphinx, become determined to pull their trigger on the world and find the solution. This anime is definitely high quality. 

3. Psycho-Pass

IMBD classifies it as a very smart series. It tests your free will and will let you determine if you can become a threat by clouding your consciousness. These clouded hues of a person are read by a special weapon “The Dominator” with which the detectives are able to send the psychological information backhand to get to know about the persons crime capability. They will either receive rehabilitation or execution depending on this judgment. This is a mysterious, dark, and serious type of story. Everything is beautifully composed and executed. It is comparable to ghost in the shell anime series. 

4. Serial Experiments Lain

Shows like ghosts in the shell rekindle the faith in viewers. Another such miniseries is the serial Experiments, Lain. The girl Lain becomes obsessed with “The Weird”, an interconnected virtual realm. Amidst such obsession, strange events began to take place. It was a sceptical and mournful movie. There is style and presentation about Lain. This is about family, humanity, friendship, and alienation. It questions your descriptions of obligation and true love. It narrows down to what is right and what it is that makes you happy. 

5. Akira

Akira is about a secret military project which endangers Neo-Tokyo when a member of the biker gang turns into a psychopath. This psychic psychopath can only be stopped by a group of psychics and two teenagers. It is not like the usual sci-fi animation action movie. It has a complex story. It literally falls in line with movies like ghost in the shell. 

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6. Darker than Black

This story is about a mysterious Hell’s Gate. Yin is a rival agency worker trying to unlock the mysteries of this hells gate. Just like ghost in the shell tv series, it is a great anime with unique story line along with a little confusing story. The animations are great, there are mini plots with dark humour. Even the hate-able characters become like able towards the end. There are deep meanings of life, death, relationship, and happiness within the movie. 

7. Gantz 

This is the story of people being resurrected from their deaths by GANTZ, a mysterious black ball in order to fight the alien criminals hiding on the planet. The movie, despite strength and flaws, is well written. There is sheer character development seen in the movie along with the dynamic performance of Kurono Kei. There is violence, cruelty, and bloodshed alongside old philosophical dilemma. It has bands similar to ghost. 

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8. Bubble gum Crisis

Anime’s like ghost in the shell are rare to find but bubble gum crisis has its own fame. It is a story about a female mercenary team that fights the corruption of a large corporation. It is an eight OVA (original video animation). This series has a huge fan base, and it does live up to its hype. The Knight Sabers are likeable, have their own distinct personalities, and are armed with unique power armor suits. The animations are amazing however, the series hardly qualifies for revolutionary stuff. According to an IMBD review, the series are solid and has plenty to enjoy.

9. Appleseed

This anime is a post-apocalyptic action film based on the story of a soldier fighting for a cause. Deunan survives a global war but soon finds out that her lover Briareos could not fight the war well and due to his injuries, is now a cyborg. She learns that many cyborgs (the Bioroids) were created to restore the peace of the city. However, there lives are short which is alarming. It is another technological achievement for Japanese as the movie course is set on 3D animation. The music of the movie is fairly good, the scenes are jaw dropping and the direction is great too. It is a nice collection of ghost in the shell list. 

10. Cowboy Bebop 

This anime is a series of episodes that showcases the ground-breaking misadventures of a bounty hunter and his easy-going partners. IMBD says its more than just a series. It has several levels of awesomeness and is a uniquely defined series. Bebop has a personality immersing in jazz whether it was his attitude or the music choice. Spike Spiegel, the lead antihero has a gutsy and witty personality. The cast itself stands out. If you are new to anime, this might be the perfect starter for you. The performance is power-packed, there is melodrama, upbeat lighting, and full thrill. 


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