10 Movies like Midsommar to Watch in 2023

Movies like Midsommar 

If you are a huge fan of Midsommar then you must watch all the following mentioned shows. All are based upon brutal paganism, magic, drugs, hallucinations, horror, suspense, and mystery. All the shows are shot in Sweden and the USA. The storyline of every show is different and unique and the audience loves it. The author has great skills through which he writes and portrays all his ideas into words. The cast also plays a very important role in making a show worth watching.

Midsommar Streaming:

Modern era loves watching midsommar. All the performances done by the character are so amazing and that is one of the most important reasons for the movie being so adored. A few of the streamings are as follow:

1. The Wicker Man (1973)

This movie is always compared with Midsommar because both of the cult characters and of them have horror elements in them. In Wicker Man, you will see a policeman who visits Scotland in search of a young girl. There he found a lot of pagans and sinister.

This scene is said to be the centerpiece of Wicker man. Both the shows have an ending with fire. Although the plot and lead characters are different. You can easily stream it on Netflix and Shudder.

2. Suspiria (2018)

This show is the most-watched and has 5 ratings throughout. The story revolves around an American dancer who travels to Germany to find out about different dance groups. She wanted to excel in her life and to be a famous and renowned dancer.

By searching a lot of groups she finally finds out a dance group that was run by witches. She joined that group and worked day and night to achieve her goals. Although traveling to another country and coping up with language barriers and cultural norms she didn’t lose hope and stood firm. Finally, after a lot of effort, she managed to get three roles. People who are fans of Midsommar recommend watching this show. There are remake versions of this show as well but the cast, plot, style, and characters in the original show are the best. You can easily stream it on Amazon.

3. The Witch (2015)

The Witch is also liked by Midsommar fans. This story revolves around a family who has been kicked out of New England and they find out that their baby is missing.

In this witchcraft will suspect and will find the lost baby. This has a mysterious centerpiece that’s why people don’t skip any scene while watching it. You can easily stream in on Netflix or Amazon.

4. The Cabin in the Woods (2011)

This is a show mixed with horror and comedy. The writer wanted the show to be unique and innovative. So the storyline he portrayed was loved by the audience.

You will see how a group of teenagers traveled to the woods. People who are huge fans of Midsommar will surely like this show as well. The themes are quite similar to each other but the story is totally opposite. You will see a lot of themes in it. In the centerpiece, you will see how Dani confronted her boyfriend when she found out that he was cheating on her. She will break up with him because he failed at being a loyal boyfriend. You can easily stream it on Amazon Prime or on Hulu.

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5. Hereditary (2018)

This show is based upon horror, mystery, dark scenes, and thrills. The show was shot in the USA. The time duration of the show is 127 minutes. In this, you will see what incidents happen after the lead character’s grandma dies.

The family started figuring out all the assets and ancestry. The more they figure out the more they get confused as to why grandma has been hiding everything from them when she was alive. The style has a great impact on your mind and is a bit psychologically disturbing.

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6. Mother (2017)

This show is based on horror and mysterious events. It was shot in the USA and the time duration of this show is 121 minutes.

The story revolves around a couple that how they handled unidentified guests at their home when both of them were having their own quality time. It has few disturbing events in it which will be revealed after the centerpiece.

7. The Other Lamb:

This is a horror show and is shot in the USA and Ireland. The time duration of this show is 96 minutes.

In this you will see a nightmare tale about how a young girl was born in a repressive cult called as Flock. As their only leaders are men. The style of the writing is very rough and suspenseful. You will see very disturbing events in the end. It contains teenage sexuality, religious cults and sacrifices.

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8. Apostle (2018)

This show has a fantasy story and is shot in the UK. The total time duration of this show is 130 minutes.

In this you will see the love between brother and sister. The brother travels miles apart in various cities and remote islands in search of her beloved sister. As her sister was kidnapped by religious cults. The writing style is very scary and horror. This show has a very sentimental ending. All the scenes are shot in Wales. The era they have shown throughout the show is the 90’s.

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