Seekers may find subtitles for movies and television series on the website run by a company called betaseries. It is a website that is committed to helping users locate all of the subs they need in a variety of languages. Another service provided is french TV shows and movies being available to watch.


The finest aspect of the website is that it provides previews of the subtitles that have been posted. This allows you to determine exactly which language you are downloading correctly. Because it shows all of the results on the page and rolls down the sample when you click the preview link, the search tool makes it simple for you to find what you’re looking for as well. It is a french website.

What are the Pros of Betaseries?

Betaseries is a website that has been well developed and is simple to use. It offers separate sections for movies and television programs to choose from. Consumers will have a very simple time locating the information that they want thanks to the site.

Betaseries is a website that is accessible in a variety of languages, which significantly increases the number of individuals from a variety of nations that can access it. Betaseries is free to use and this alone makes it a huge plus point for users as people don’t want to pay money for getting subtitles.

Another big up for betaseries is the variety of content offered. From movies to TV shows and from action to comedy all genres are easily found.

Is Betaseries safe and legit?

YES! According to expert analysis, betaseries is legal and betaseries safe website.

The review that was done on was given a reasonably good grade by our system. This score was derived from data that we were able to get about the site on the net, such as the country in which the site is housed, the presence or absence of an SSL certificate, and recommendations that were gathered from other websites.

The website in issue has a Certificate authority that is both authentic and up-to-date. This website has been operational for a considerable amount of time already. This is something that stands out to us as a potentially reliable signal. When a website has been online for a longer period, the probability that it is real increases.

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How to watch episodes and movies on Betaseries?

The BetaSeries system and the apps that are generated from it are neither download nor streaming platforms. They only show the dates of the shows as well as the cinematic premieres, however, they do enable the downloads of the subtitles for the individual episodes.

How do I find where I can watch my series and movies?

By using the BetaSeries apps, you will be able to discover which video-on-demand services provide your favorite movies and television shows to watch whenever you want. To accomplish this, go to the central page, where you will discover a list of all of your episodes and movies that are available to view.

If an episode or movie is available to watch through subscription video on demand, the poster for that content will include a play button. When you press this button, a new menu will appear that lists all of the video-on-demand services where you may see this episode or movie. After that, all you will need to do is make your selection, and if the matching app is already pre-installed on your phone, it will launch automatically.

If you do not input the proper data, you will be sent back to the website. And all that is required of you is to sit back and enjoy the show or movie. On this same page, you will discover a sort order that enables you to showcase the television shows and movies that are accessible as subscription videos on demand first.

This may be discovered in the upside-down pyramid that is located on the top bar. Finally, if you go to the page of an episode or a film, you will notice a Watch button emerge as soon as it is available on a video-on-demand service. You may do this by simply going to the page in question.

How to set up Betaseries app?

To begin, download the app from the app store on your iOS device or from google play on your android device.

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Complete your profile

After you have successfully signed in to the application, you will have the ability to add to your profile all of the movies and television series that you have already seen. You’ll be able to acquire entertaining badges and XP points, as well as get useful statistics such as the amount of time you spend watching television or going to the movies.

Track your TV shows and movies

Start making plans for your watchlist once you’ve added all of the programs you’re currently following. You’ll be able to see how many episodes of each program you need to watch in total, as well as how many of your friends have already seen them, their worldwide ratings, and other relevant information.

When you are completed, you will have a copy of your schedule for watching television in front of you. If you want to, you can even select to get notified whenever a new episode of the show is made available to watch. You will also be alerted when the movies that you have added to your wishlist are released in cinemas if you want to do so.

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Discover new things to watch

Invite your friends to join BetaSeries, and be sure to keep them updated on what you’re viewing. Participating in the community and finding new content to watch are both possible via the use of the newsfeed.