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  • Call Me By Your Name
  • IMDB:-7.910
  • Director: Luca Guadagnino
  • Writers: James Ivory, Andre Aciman
  • Stars: Armie Hammer, Timothee Chalamet, Michael Stuhlbarg

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More About Call Me By Your Name:

“Call me by your name” is a fantastic adaptation of the novel written by Andre Aciman. The movie was released in 2017 and proved to be loved by a vast audience.

The Plot:

The movie starts in the summer of 1983, and a 17-year old young boy Elio Perlman has come to Italy to spend vacations with his family. His father is a brilliant professor specializing in Greco-Roman Culture. Elio has a perfect bond with his father. Elio’s mother is a translator. Elio is a highly sophisticated guy who is gifted intellectually. He occasionally flirts with Marzia.

However, things change when one day, Oliver enters Elio’s life. Oliver is a 24- year old who American college graduate student. He was working on his doctorate and was helping Elio’s father as a summer internee. Both Oliver and Elio become fond of each other’s brilliance and intellect. They spend a wonderful summer together, but everything will change as Oliver leaves for home.

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The Amazing Cast:

Timothee Chalamet as Elio Perlman:

Timothee Chalamet plays the character of Elio Perlman. He is the son of two intellectuals and so is intelligent himself. He is bilingual, well-read, and plays music on piano and guitar well. He swims with friends and plays tennis in summer. He is attracted to Oliver when he comes to stay in Italy.

Armie Hammer as Oliver:

Armie Hammer plays the role of Oliver, who is a 24-year-old internee helping Elio’s father. He is working on his doctorate. He is very charming and impressive. He starts a relationship with Elio and later leaves Italy as summer ends.

Micheal Stuhlbarg as Mr. Perlman:

Micheal Stuhlbarg plays the role of Mr. Perlman who is Elio Perlman’s father. Mr. Perlman is a professor who hosts intellectuals for dinners. He shares a bond of friendship with his son where he encourages Elio to experience life at its fullest, even if it includes making mistakes. He is a kind and considerate man.

Esther Garrel as Marzia:

Esther Garrel plays the character of Marzia, who is an Italian girl. She is attracted to Elio. She knows that Elio will hurt her as she suspects that he is interested in Oliver. However, despite this, she still has feelings for him and establishes a relationship with Elio. Later, she gets hurt when she discovers Elio is with Oliver and is no longer interested in her.

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