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  • Chernobyl Season 1
  • IMDB:- 9.4/10
  • Creator: Craig Mazin
  • Stars: Jessie Buckley, Jared Harris, Stellan Skarsgård

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More About Chernobyl Season 1:

This show shows how the 1986 nuclear accident happened and what were the disasters that happened. You will see catastrophes of history. You will also see how men and women both equally played their roles in saving Europe from unimaginable disasters. This is a drama that was released on 6 May 2019. This has 5 episodes all of them having different themes and stories. 

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In this episode, you will see how soldiers sacrificed themselves for destruction. Plant and firefighters got in danger to save a catastrophic explosion at one of the famous nuclear plants at Soviet. The energy and power of these fighters helped them in saving others while Europe would have been destroyed. This was released on 6 May 2019. 

Please Remain Calm: 

This episode was released on 13 May 2019. In this, you will see how fighters saved destruction from the explosion. But there is a lot of risks as various physicists tried to reach Valery Legasov But couldn’t. So one of the famous and renowned nuclear physicists Ulana Khomyuk planned to travel and when he finally reached the destination he warned people regarding the second explosion. He said that a second explosion is very dangerous and can destroy the entire continent. He asked people to stay safe and also find their alternative homes in case of any emergency.

Open Wide O’ Earth: 

This episode was released on 20 May 2019. In this, you will see themes of risks, fighting, helping others, and sacrifices. You will see how Lyudmilla Ignatenko overlooks the cautions about the firefighter’s husband’s contamination. It shows how risky it is for humans. After an explosion, there are very dangerous drawbacks. People can almost be blind or unable to hear so be ready for any circumstances or danger.

The Happiness of all mankind: 

This episode was released on 27 May 2019. In this various psychosis and Prime Minister planned to invent some tool to remove radioactive light or use a lunar rover to omit radioactive debris. In the meanwhile, Ulana is busy finding out the real cause of the explosion. He is very hardworking and he sacrificed a lot in reaching this point where he kept his life at stake but still didn’t stop in figuring out the real cause behind the destruction.

Vinaya Pamyat 

This episode was released on 3 June 2019.

In this, you will see why nuclear explosion is very dangerous and how it can leave a long-term impact because of fire and heat. It can easily occur without a single warning so there’s no time for saving yourself. Once an explosion a few minutes is quite dangerous and the destruction at that time can never be cured. If any such explosion occurs, hide in the safest place you can and quickly remove your clothes that contain any particles and wipe them properly as it can cause your skin very badly. Make sure to stay at your home unless all the radioactive rays and fire are being controlled. There can be signal issues so don’t run here to keep yourself safe as these nuclear explosions are very dangerous. Valery Legasor, Boris Shcherbina, and Ulana Khomyuk got themselves in trouble and faced all the hurdles in finding out the real truth behind Chernobyl