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  • Elite Season 3
  • IMDB:- 7.4/10
  • Creator: Dario Madrona, Carlos Montero.
  • Stars:  Itzan Escamilla, Omar Ayuso, Miguel Bernardeau.

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Elite’s third season revolves around a tragedy Polo (Álvaro Rico) is killed at his class’s scale party. Specifically, Polo is picked and falls from an alternate- story wharf.

Who killed him? While speaking to the still nameless investigator (Ainhoa Santamaría), sick yet putatively not surprised she’s dealing with these kiddies’ crimes yet again, each of Polo’s classmates has a different story. But they all have a provocation Back in season 1, Polo killed their friend Marina.

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More About Elite Season 3:

Season 3 of Élite finishes the bow that Polo incited back in season 1, with his unbelievable deed. It’s a season full of consummation. As star Ester Expósito tellsOprahMag.com, “It feels like a cycle is closed, and by the end of season 3, you’ll see why. It’s veritably beautiful; it’s veritably emotional, and the characters go through really rough situations and times. But there is a lot of love — not only between ladyloves and fellows but also, musketeers.”

Without that plutocrat, neither Lu nor Nadia can go to attend a prestigious university (and especially not one in the United States) and this put a giant question mark on their post-high academy plans. At the club during the cataclysmal scale night festivity, an inebriated Lu throws her drink at Polo before she accidentally drops the champagne bottle that will come to the murder armament.
Lu isn’t the only one who goes after Polo in public as Samuel “ Samu” García (Itzan Escamilla) picks up a cutter from the bar with the intent to use it. This impulsive act is only halted when his former adversary, Mariana’s hot-headed family Guzmán Nunier (Miguel Bernardeau) implores him to not ruin his life for a moment of revenge. Samu’s rage stems from the fact his family was incorrectly indicted of killing Mariana and is presently a fugitive on the run. He begs Rebeka”Rebe” de Bormujo to get her medicine lord mama to shoot someone to scarify Polo for what he did.

Reba has a huge crush on Samu but refuses to permit this plan and the season ends with her soliciting her mama to quit this dangerous world. Guzmán stops Samu from hurting his ex-best friend but emphatically states to Polo that he’ll noway forgive him — indeed after Polo has informed him that he plans on turning himself in and has induced his maters to give Lu and Nadia the education prize.