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  • Elite Season 4
  • IMDB:- 7.4/10
  • Creator: Dario Madrona, Carlos Montero.
  • Stars:  Itzan Escamilla, Omar Ayuso, Miguel Bernardeau.

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The bittersweet ending of the third season struck a passion with numerous of the suckers. In a major highlight from the season homestretch, it’s revealed in a flashback that Lu is the accidental bushwhacker of Polo, but she gets down scot-free as her musketeers cover for her. They manage to place Polo’s own fingerprints on the bottle, making it look like a case of self-murder. At the end of the occasion, Lu and Nadia decide to continue their studies in New York, and Malick follows them.


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More About Elite Season 4:

Nadia and Guzman promise not to be piecemeal. In another development, Omar’s father eventually acknowledges his sexual identity in public. His rift with Ander is also given a check, as they make amends at the field, and Omar decides to stay back. Also, Rebeka finds her voice and eventually confronts her mama. After nearly being expelled, Samuel, Guzman, and Rebeka are allowed to continue their study in the elite academe. The final scene sees Cayetana mopping the bottom as the class difference between her and other scholars is made apparent.

Following the structure of Seasons 1 through 3,”Elite”Season 4 revolves around a riddle revealed in the first occasion in a flash forward. This time around, it stars a new character, Ari, played by Díaz. Ari is a new pupil at the prestigious high academy, Las Encinas, and she’s the son of the new star (Martín). In the new season, Ari is plant floating in the lake, putatively dead. Thankfully, they’re suitable to resuscitate her, but the police have no idea who hurt her or why.

In the Season 4 homestretch, the answer is eventually revealed. The night of a New Year’s Eve party, everyone is together when all the drama from the season implodes. Ari has been playing with both Samuel and Guzmán’s hearts, but in the end, they are not shamefaced. Rather, it’s Armando (Velencoso), the aged, manipulative customer of Ari’s youngish family, Mencía (Cariddi), who assumes she’s a coitus worker despite being underage and pushes her to keep having coitus with him. By the homestretch, Ari finds out about this and confronts Armando on the wharf of the lake. Bad idea.