10 Best English Subtitles Websites [FREE & Paid 2023]

Each site plays a different role in downloading English subtitles. These sites use algorithms to search multiple subtitle databases for the best English subtitles for your movie or TV show. Each site has its unique features and collections, so it is up to the individual to decide which site is best suited to their needs.

Some sites may have a larger collection of subtitles, while others may have more user-friendly tools for creating and editing subtitles. For non-native English speakers, these sites offer an opportunity to improve their language skills by exposing them to authentic English language usage in the form of subtitles. Overall, sites that help in downloading English subtitles play a crucial role in improving accessibility and enjoyment of media content for a wide range of individuals.

English Subtitles Websites


A wide selection of both old and new movies is available on Subdl, which can make you reflect on the past. It offers a tonne of movie and TV program recommendations based on your preferences and tastes.

They provide a tonne of the most enjoyable movies on Subdl, all with subtitles, so users may not only be amused but also appreciate and pick up new languages. This helps the viewer become more engaged and fill his time with enjoyment. Movie subtitles are uploaded along with the movies on this site.

Open Subtitles

OpenSubtitles is a large library that contains subtitles for various movies from all over the globe. The interface has been much enhanced, therefore the previous heavy, unresponsive version has been replaced with a lighter, more responsive one.

The website also offers a highly user-friendly and sophisticated search bar that enables you to look for subtitles based on the title, actual release, and genre. Additionally, the website has “multi-search features,” which essentially allow you to continuously search for different subtitles. The site is rated as the sixth best among subtitle websites.


The interface of Podnapisi is significantly more graphically pleasing. It is comprehensive, simple to follow, and has all the information you need. Additionally, the site is regularly updated with fresh subtitles for newly released movies and TV shows. The main page alone contains subtitles for the most current cinema pictures and television programs.

You may use its advanced search box to find another title if you’re looking for one. The site provides the support of free subtitles download. Sadly, Podnapisi doesn’t seem to protect the names of the majority of movies or TV episodes. Podnapisi has a smaller selection of movie and television program subtitles than its forerunner on this list.

English Subtitles

For the best websites to watch series with English subtitles, this website’s very elegant and futuristic UI design is what first grabs your attention. In addition, it has a fantastic online collection of English subtitle materials. Subtitles for a range of foreign movies and TV series are available here. A selection of the most popular subtitle files for movies and TV programs meets you right away.

The website is fairly simple in design and has a beautiful layout. Thanks to the site’s sophisticated search tool, locating subtitles to your favorite movies or TV shows is simple. However, it is a website with solely English subtitles. Therefore, anybody searching for subtitle files in any other language will be let down.


Subscene is one of those websites that enables you to take part in an online network that exchanges subtitle files for a wide range of recent and classic movies and television shows from across the globe. As a result, it’s a fantastic resource for discovering subtitles for movies that might otherwise be hard to locate.

The website offers a sizable portfolio of subtitle files in many different languages for well-known movies and TV shows. You may directly file a demand for any language and any movie you want to have subtitles in. A variety of user ratings that have been made on the website itself may also be used to assess the reliability of a subtitle file. You can find Netflix subtitles download as well.

Yify Subtitles

YIFY Subtitles is undoubtedly one of the most commonly used sources for subtitles. Additionally, it is a website where you can get subtitles for basically all recent movies and TV episodes. There aren’t many movies that YIFY subtitles won’t have a subtitle for. Its main attraction is this by itself.

Additionally, the website features a highly contemporary-looking layout that is simpler to use. By utilizing the search box or sorting the movie or TV program entries by genre, release date, and name, you may quickly discover what you’re searching for among the subtitle files thanks to their orderly features.


Due to its colorful appearance, Addic7ed may not provide the ideal user interface, but it does contain a large collection of subtitle tracks including both movies and TV series.

On the main page, you may choose your favorite language right away. You will only receive served subtitle files in the languages you want to download based on your preferences.

In addition, Addic7ed offers a discussion board where you may discuss movies and share your thoughts on the quality of the site’s accessible subtitle translations. If you would like to rapidly locate any of the most recent subtitle files published without having to input your search terms into the standard search box, the website provides a fast subtitles srt search option.


The interface for Subtitle Seeker seems to be empty. You can discover a sizable collection of subtitle files for either classic or modern stuff if you simply search beyond that, however. You may instantly locate the most recent subtitles for recently released films or TV episodes on a home page.

By inputting the description of the movie or TV program you enjoy, you may try searching for the subtitle you want. The entire downloading procedure is quite straightforward, and there aren’t any filters there to make the searching procedure less efficient.


In many respects, Downsub differs from the rest of the websites on the list. Downsub functions to retrieve subtitle files from material that is currently streaming online, as opposed to the other websites on the listing that offer you the option to obtain subtitles for your preferred movie or TV show. Subtitles from video content material on websites like YouTube, Facebook, Brightcove, etc. may be downloaded in a variety of formats.

You only need to duplicate and paste the URL of the material whose subtitle tracks you would like to extract into the text field on the website. Just will choose the formats wherein you would like the subtitle package to upload after doing so by clicking the download link. You can consider this site the best website to download English subtitles.


This website is designed for you if everything you require is TV show subtitles. Here, you may discover subtitle files for every popular TV program. Their collection of subtitles is just amazing. The website also boasts a fantastic-looking interface with a smooth and clean design. You are greeted with suggestions for the site’s most popular subtitle tracks on the main page.

You may, of course, use the search bar to locate the subtitle file you have to upload. Additionally, you may adjust the language filtering to receive only subtitle files in the languages you are familiar with.