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  • House of the Dragon Season 1
  • Creators: Ryan J, Condal, George R.R., Martin
  • Stars: Eve Best, Paddy Considine, Olivia Cooke.

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More About House of the Dragon Season 1:

This show is the pre-sequel of Game of Thrones. You will see druglords and dragons dancing on this show. You will see all the old events and dynasty periods in it. All the scenes will be shot 200 years back. You will see how the Seven kingdoms were brutally tortured and dominated. The two main characters who will be the showrunners are Ryan Condal and Miguel Sapochnik. They are also the producers of the show. The show is not aired yet but it will be aired in 2022. It will be available on HBO Max.

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House of Dragon Production: 

HBO shared official news that House of Dragon’s production has started. It also shared a few pictures of the scenes to confirm to the audience that it’s for real and it’s happening. A picture got viral in which all the characters were gathered in a hall and agreed in making it while following all Sop’s and social distancing.

House of the dragon release date on HBO : 

It is officially announced by the producers and channel that House of Dragon will be debuted in 2022. HBO’s president Casey Bloys stated that it will take 2 years for the production and making as due to pandemic situations they have to follow and maintain proper social distancing which will take more time in shooting. The story has been written already and they are waiting for the scenes to get shooted. The official Game of Thrones Twitter account also tweeted that shooting will start in 2023 and the show will be on air in 2022. They also shared a picture of dragons and gave the audience a hint with the caption ‘Dragons are coming’ which means that you will see a lot of dragons in the show. 

How many seasons are going to be there in House of dragons? 

HBO officially announced that there will be altogether 10 episodes of House of dragons. The two screenwriters Martin and Ryan Condal have also tweeted regarding it. Condal has also scripted a few episodes of Game of Thrones as well. He is very famous because of his writing and production. Few of the other producers are Martin, Vince Gerardis, Sara Lee Hess, and Ron Schmidt.

Few main upcoming characters of House of Dragon: 

Few of the most important and main characters are as follow: 

Paddy Considine: 

In House of Dragons you will see Paddy Considine as Viserys Targaryen. Working with him is a great deal as he is very intelligent and has a graceful personality. He is very polite and decent too. He has done various other shows like Peaky Blinder and Hot Fuzz. He says that all his nature is because of his grandfather. His grandfather was a very famous person and down to earth and he is following in his footsteps. As he thinks that following his grandfather’s legacy will make him reach heights. 

Olivia Cooke: 

In House of Dragon you will see Olivia Cookie as Alicent Hightower. She has already worked in Game of Thrones. She has worked in 6 seasons and is famous because of her polite nature. She is very kind towards everyone in the cast and crew. You will always see her helping people in need. She was brought up from courtly grace. That’s why she has such a graceful and elegant personality. 

Matt Smith 

In House of Dragons you will see Matt Smith as Prince Daemon Targaryen. He is shown as a great warrior and a dragon rider who has the true blood of being hardworking. HBO gives a hint related to this that whenever a Targaryen will be born God will toss a coin in the air to check his luck.

Emma D’Arcy 

In House of Dragon Emma will play the role of princess and daughter of Viserys. She has always been seen as a positive person full of energy. She easily overcame all the difficulties in shows and in real life very intelligently. She is very strong minded, kind and soft-hearted.

Steve Toussaint 

In House of Dragons you will see Steve Toussaint as Lord Corlys. He has also done another show which is Doctor Who. He is one of the finest characters in the industry as it is said that Steve knows how to perfectly manage work life. He knows how to prioritize his work over every other thing. He is always in search of learning new things. If he sees some spot boy doing something great he tries to follow it. He is very down to earth and is not arrogant at all even after getting all the fame and stardom. He is seen clicking pictures with his fans and not showing attitude towards them. He is in the list of every producer and director but he only does shows which are very realistic and have a positive impact on the audience.