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A new movie or TV show is added to our site every day. Over the globe, kickass had proven its efficiency and reliability by letting users approach their desired programs or shows. Our site never goes out of order nor gets stuck by a load of users operating the viewing of the films as the server  & keeps them running.


According to our website’s performance over the past few years since 2016-2023, it is considered the best. Kickass has a list of movies and TV shows that are categorized according to alphabetical order and the movies or TV shows with numeric names are categorized in separate sections. The arrangement of movies on our site is greatly appreciated by our users as it helps them to be quick in their search and be more efficient.

In any case of serious error, there is always a backup so that our viewers don’t get interested while most sites don’t have any backup to their process.

Features of kickass subtitles

We offer our users several features and options on our site. The website not only provides the user with the option of recent movies but also lets the users enjoy the old classic movies from the 19s. Despite alphabetical and numerical order, it is arranged in the descending sequence of the date of release.

Users don’t have to go through the hectic route of signing in just by browsing the website name kickass subtitle and clicking the first link that appears on the browser and the website is available for use. Users can click on the movie or TV show of their choice which opens a whole new page with the option of downloading it. On the homepage’s top left corner, the site has subtitles available in three languages. The languages include English, Espanol, and Polski.

There is a list of terms and conditions that allow the users to read themes and then accept them to avoid any kind of misunderstanding in the future. It has a search bar to save your time more efficiently when searching movies or TV shows. Below the search is the option of convert which converts subtitles between popular formats by selecting it and placing the file in the specific bar.

Below that bar, there is another option of history which helps you to keep track of your previous activities so that you can recover previous activities which skipped your mind. Below this, there is the option of a browser available for the users. If users face any kind of issue then there is the email address available by kickass so that users can email their issue to them and get it corrected.

How are kickass subtitles different from other websites?

The website is different due to its unique qualities as we don’t compromise our quality or quantity. Besides the regular updates, we keep our site free of any type of virus by installing anti-virus software so that our users don’t have to worry about it. It helps them to avoid any second thoughts before downloading the movie or TV show.

Our site lets the user not install any sort of virus while downloading movies. The site is more secure and your browser search is encrypted and also secure. Our purpose is not only to provide the latest movies but also to provide security and a secure system. Besides downloading it grants the users more options in which the user can select the format of downloading.

Unlike other websites, this has specific options for some movies like the fellowship of the ring extended subtitles, instead of specific subtitles. The extended subtitle is a unique work and is less available on other sites as it requires more time and effort as the authenticity of the dialect of the movie is maintained at its best levels.

The rechecking technique of the subtitles went through a lot more processes so that we deliver the authenticity of the art.  This process also requires double the time to be processed.

Importance of subtitles

Subtitles are of great importance basically if the user is not an expert in more than one language. Subtitles are phrases or lines translated from the original dialect of the movie into any other language as per the demand and popularity of the movie or TV show. These subtitles let most foreigners watch and enjoy movies which in return promote the movie or TV show and the kickass site in their country.

One of the movies named Top gun maverick 2022 with 1080p bluray subtitles is only available on our site which shows our unique work. Likewise, more foreigners visited subtitles sites and the best ones that don’t bluff about content which include this website. The website had truly shown the importance of subtitles as without them the movie or TV show would be only confined to specific countries.