6 Movies like Apocalypto To Watch in 2023

Movies like Apocalypto

If you like Apocalypto then, you are fond of movies that have suspense and intense thrill. Apocalypto is a movie that is based on a story of when tribal systems had a great influence on society. The movie narrates the love, violence, and hate between the people of different tribes. Now, if you have watched the movie and are seeking something thrilling and suspenseful like Apocalypto then, go through this list of movies. These mentioned below movies are similar to Apocalypto:

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1. Seven Samurai

This story was picturized in Japan in the 16th century. The movie screens a village that is again and again attacked by armed bandits. These criminals steal the crops of the farmers. The crop is like jewels for farmers. This is what they get in reward after their hard work in the fields for almost a year. Farmers are fed up with this act from these thieves. To protect their crops from these thieves, farmers decide to recruit a Samurai.

A veteran in their village named Shimura’s Kambei decided to be the samurai. He not only accepted the challenge alone but also recruited six more samurai so that they could defend their crops from the bandits. These seven Samurais showed the peasants how to defend their lands and crops. The whole village had its confidence in these seven Samurais and they fought their enemy and defeated it, saving the crops. This amazing movie is a must-watch for all the fans of Apocalypto.

2. The New World

The New World is a great adventurous movie. The story is based on the meeting of European and American cultures when the Jamestown colony was under creation. This is a classical movie in which you will explore love, discovery, and loss as well. This movie celebrates those Americans that have passed away and those who are near to come to this World. This movie is a dramatic story of a great civilization.

The story of this classic show is about two characters. One is a native high born whereas the other one is a fortune hunter. Both the characters are bound to their duties and can not follow their heart desires. This movie will give you the feeling of a real story. 

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3. Legends of the fall

Legends of the fall is a remarkable movie to watch. This amazing piece of art was nominated and has won the best cinematography award. The film is a story of a father and his sons. They were betrayed by their Government and got discharged. After that Colonel William Ludlow lived in the mountains of Montana with his three sons. Years keep on passing and the sons have become grown men now. Their bond was strong enough that no one could get in to spread them into pieces. But women have been the weakness of men. A girl named Susanna enters their lives and their loyalty towards each other gets questionable.

The oldest one loves Susanna, the youngest one got engaged to her, and Susanna has fallen for the middle one. All the sons of the Colonel were about to fight a war in Europe but the jealousy between them destroyed everything. If you are a fan of Apocalypto, this movie is waiting for you. 

4. Letters from Iwo Jima 

This is the best foreign-language film. It was nominated in different categories of 2007 awards. The movie achieved the award for the best sound editing. The story of this movie is based on the fight for the island of Iwo Jima during World War 2. The screen shows that the Japanese are taking their last stand against America.

They are doing the best they can but America on the other hand makes their efforts look useless. But the viewers get amazed to see how these ordinary men defeat the Americans. If you are looking for a thrilling show, this is the right movie for you. 

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5. Dances with wolves 

This movie tells the story of an army man who was declared to be a war hero. He got a new post that was deserted. He met an Indian tribe there where he found a white woman that was a part of that tribe.

The tribe accepts the soldier and he became a part of them too. The soldier needs to make a decision that will affect everybody in his new family. This is an amazing suspenseful story that you should watch. 

6. The last of the Mohicans

The film is based on the battle between the French and the British for getting control of the North American colonies. The last three men of the Mohicans tribe have a difficult situation to face. They need to help the British and in return, they will be free. They have to confront many challenges and they have their two daughters to protect as well. This is another thrilling show. 


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