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  • Peaky Blinders Season 5
  • IMDB:-8.8/10
  • Creator: Steven Knight
  • Stars: Cillian Murphy, Paul Anderson, Helen McCrory

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More About Peaky Blinders Season 5:

You seem to be a die-hard fan of the Peaky Blinders series. If you are looking to know about the storyline of season 5 then, you are on the right page. Season five will be showing some new characters as the series has become very exciting and suspenseful. 

Tommy got elected as a Labour MP and father of a new daughter at the end of season 4. Lizzie Stark has given birth to a girl and they have named her Ruby. 

Season five starts when the World is in a financial crisis. As Tommy is a politician now, he encounters many politicians for the future of the nation and his family precisely. Tommy met a leader of the British Union of Fascists named Mosley, a new character in the series. 

In season five, you will see the death of Ada Thorne’s partner in which Tommy is accidentally involved. Tommy is stuck in-depth in this game and someone from the family has betrayed him. Tommy suspects that it is Michael Gary who wants to take his place and wants to be the head of the family. Tommy introduced the family to Gary’s new wife Gina. Gina secretly worked for Mosley. It seems that she is plotted into the Shelby family. There were some sex scenes in which Gina and Mosley have been found together.

You will see Arthur Shelby suspecting her wife Linda for an affair. Arthur finds and beats the man nearly to death. Linda came to know about this and shot Arthur. Fortunately, Arthur survived, and Linda went away. 

With everything twisting in season five, the biggest news for fans is the return of Alfie Solomons. He survived cancer as well as the shot from his friend. 

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The cast of Peaky Blinders season five  

This season also has six episodes. The story gets interesting with the involvement of some new characters.

Tommy Shelby has become a Labour MP for Birmingham. He suspects someone from inside the family is betraying him. 

Arthur Shelby finds the lover of her wife and beats him near to death. He, fortunately, survived the shot from his wife Linda.

Ada Thorne is pregnant and his partner gets killed in which Tommy is involved accidentally as well. 

Michael Gray is suspected by Tommy. Tommy thinks that Michael is plotting against him.

Finn Shelby has an interesting role in season five. It seems that he is the one betraying Tommy by giving secrets to the villain. 

Alfie Solomons has surprised everyone with his amazing entry in season five. He survived the shot of Tommy and cancer as well. 

Linda Shelby is suspected by his husband Arthur of having an affair. She tried to kill her husband but he survived. After this incident, the family sent her away.

Oswald Mosley is the villain of season five. He is leading the British Union of Fascists. He wants Tommy to join the movement. 

Gina Gray has joined the series as the wife of Michael. Her character is very suspicious in the series.