Podnapisi provides the users with the subtitles in a categorized way, users would find the latest subtitles on the homepage of the site where all recent uploads are shown from the past week.


The goal of Podnapisi is to collect subtitles, which are essentially the sentences spoken in movies or television episodes. Here, you may find all the subtitles. These subtitles are simple to upload, and with the aid of srt scripts, they can be utilized with a video playing, which will be very helpful to those who miss a lot of the conversation due to a lack of English.

On the website, you can find all different types of movies and TV episodes from ancient times to the present, and there are often updated subtitles downloads. To make it simple and quick for the user to get the subtitles they’re looking for, the user is provided with data that has been categorized, TV series, and films together with their categories.

On Podnapisi, you may find out more about our policies. You may see all of the most recent films, whose subtitles are often on request. You can quickly do searches and save a tonne of time by using the search bar. We provide our users with more than 50 different language options so that everyone who views the content is satisfied with the information.

Features of the Podnapisi subs

The credit score and the number of downloads of those subtitles are clearly shown right next to the subtitles posting username. Proper language is listed along with the time of the posting, below this option, you can click on “ view more subtitles” and get displayed more of the content.

If you want to search the subtitles using the movie database then you can easily enter the required entry type such as movie or tv show along with their season, episode number, and release year. This way you will be led to the exact subtitles that are searched for those particular movies or shows. Users can also search for things in the forums and chat with other users via comments and discuss their problems regarding any topic related to the movies and subtitles, whether there is any missing file or demanded file.

Different languages for different users 

People who are native speakers of the language may still require subtitles for a variety of reasons, including the fact that some people learn best through visual means and choose to view videos with subtitles. It is not necessary that those who require subtitles also understand the language. of the film or video.

The addition of subtitles by Podnapisi enhances the viewing experience and helps viewers comprehend the plot even without sound. Additionally, subtitles facilitate movie finding and extend viewing periods, which boosts movie sharing and watching duration. It enables the viewer to concentrate on the information and even produces original work using that content.

It is crucial to include more than simply subtitles since they function differently for various audiences. The site accomplishes precisely that. To appeal to various audiences, it slightly modifies the subtitles. It differentiates the subtitles for the target audience and the wider public, making it easier to advise the audience to watch a movie on their interests like slovenski.

About Us

A proper setup of the community is made where all of our login users exist and talk about any topic related to the subtitles. The site plex subtitles are regularly uploaded and the best thing is that our registered users keep on uploading and making edits in the subtitles respectively.

Once you view our site you would find everything in the most categorized manner, the header includes all of the items like a search bar where you can make any kind of search that will help you in getting to that particular movie’s subtitles in no time.

Along with the subtitle bar which includes everything you need to know about the subtitles, the newly posted, the most downloaded, and advanced search as well. The Podnapisi za filmove interface is very attractive and along with this you would find the option for the forums that would be accessible once you have registered and logged in.