10 Best Shows like Elite to Watch in 2023

Shows like Elite 

If you live to watch Elite it means you are fond of mysteries, plot twists, senti movies, or TV shows that contain sex, nudity, crime scenes, thriller genre, friendship, and breakup. 

The genre of Elite is based upon thrill and crime. All the scenes are shot in Spain. The series is 60 minutes long. The story revolves around 3 kids who got admission to the most exclusive school in Spain. Later, there was a clash between upper-class students and upper-middle-class students. They fought for the poor and the rich.

The whole series is based upon tragedy. The style of the series is emotional, intense, sensitive, and has a lot of suspense in it. When there will be a plot twist you will see a surprise ending that will shock you. You will see teenage sex, school scenes, friendship, and enemies fights, love, threesome, love triangle, and many more. 

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1. Sex Education (2019) 

The genre of Sex Education is based upon comedy. It was shot in England and has a contemporary style. The duration of this show is 45 minutes. In this show, you will see that how Otis exploits his sex therapist mother when he plans to fran with Maeve. As they plan to set an underground sex clinic at school. 

2. Skins (2007) 

This show is based in England and is 46 minutes long. You will see comedy, sexuality, captivating, and tragedies in this show. You will see all the highs and lows a stranger feels in their lives.

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Sexiest shows on Netflix 

In 2018 there were various shows on Netflix that were based on sex and nudity. A few of the most-watched and liked are as follow:  

3. MILF (2018) 

MILF is a french series that is based upon three women who are of 40 years. They were going on vacation and met a group of boys in a sailing club. They get super excited when they see old-age women. They loved the age gap and are all set and ready to enjoy with them 

4. Lust Stories (2018) 

Lust stories are based upon 4 short films. Indian directors have directed this series. It has a story of sex, nudity, hurdles, and the complexity of love. All the stories have a different storyline but the theme is similar as every story has intimate scenes. 

5. Duck Butter (2018) 

This series has the story of 2 women. Who fell in love with each other and plan a 24 hours date so they can spend time together and bond chemistry in between.

High school shows: 

In high school shows you will see the ups and downs of teenagers. You will see action, thriller, comedy, fights, fiction, social issues of teenagers, drugs, and peer pressure. A few of the best high school shows are as follow: 

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6. On My Block (2018)

This series is based upon life or teenager. How a girl grows into a teenager and shows tantrums and mood swings. The plot is in Los Angeles. You will see mysteries, suspense, and crushes of teenagers in this series. 

7. Everything Sucks! (2018) 

This story revolves around how teenagers survive through high school. All the ups and downs and hurdles they face throughout. In this show, you will see a high school girl in search of her identity. She wants to do something unique to prove her identity in this world.

Top exotic tv shows: 

Watching exotic tv shows and chilling in bed is the best combination ever. I have jotted down a few of the most-watched exotic TV shows. So you don’t need to stress, just read the guide and go watch your favorite show. 

8. Game of Thrones (2011) 

This series comprises 8 seasons and altogether 73 episodes. Everyone knows about GOT but few newbies are not familiar with it. So this will surely help you out. This is one of the biggest award-winning fantasy shows. It has all the political and intrigues between noble families who are fighting with each other for the sake of the throne. You will see murders, sex, historic events, battles, homosexual and heterosexual scenes in it. The most erotic scene is in Season 3, Episode 5. You will see the cave scene in which Joh Snow will break his vows with Ygritte during sex which is filled with love and care. 

9. Easy 2016: 

This series has 2 seasons and 16 episodes. 

You will see all the complications of lives and how to deal with sex and self-grooming in the modern world. The most erotic scene is in Season 1 Episode 6. You will see threesome sex between a husband-wife and a mutual friend. Which will later turn into an awkward situation.

10. Psych: 

Psych shows are very impressive. This show has 8 seasons and 2 movies altogether. The main actor suffered from a heart stroke before the start of production. So he has a small introduction of himself in between. If you are a huge fan of Psych and watch all 8 seasons and 2 movies. The story is based upon camaraderie among best friends, murders, and a lot of mystery.


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