10 Most Similar Shows Like Fringe

Shows Like Fringe

Fringe is an American science fiction television series that was premiered in 2008 and concluded in 2013 with a total of five seasons. The series is suspenseful and scary with a lot of paranormal activity that intrigued and interested the viewers. A lot of people are curious about the fact that where was fringe filmed. The fringe was filmed in Massachusetts, the USA also featuring Harvard University. 

Moreover, it is also inquired, where to watch fringe or where can I stream fringe? The answer to this question is that you can watch the fringe tv show on IMDb Tv for free with ads or you can also watch fringe tv series by downloading it from Google play movies, Apple iTunes, Vudu, Microsoft Store, and Amazon video. Watching fringe was also possible on Netflix but it left Netflix in 2016. The fringe leaving Netflix is justified by the explanation that it had a high production budget yet a significant drop in the rating. 

Since the series has ended already, the viewers might want to watch more shows like fringe to fill the void it created with its paranormal activities and suspense. Here, we have a list of 10 best shows to binge-watch after the fringe Tv show streaming that can satisfy your suspense and horror cravings.

1. The X-Files (TV Series 1993-2018):

The X-files is an American science fiction horror drama series. The series consists of special FBI agents investing in an unsolved case involving the paranormal phenomenon. You can stream the series on Prime Video, Amazon, Hulu, iTunes Store, VUDU as well as youtube. 

The series has a similar genre and style to tv show fringe and can help you fill the void that the show has left.

2. Haven (TV Series 2010-2015):

Haven is an American-Canadian supernaural drama television series slightly based on the novel The Colorado kid by Stephen King. The series also has related elements as that infringe series including FBI investigations, supernatural elements, suspense, and horror. An FBI agent arrives in a small town to uncover a murder mystery but soon finds out about that town’s various secrets which are also responsible for unlocking the mysteries of her past. The show can help you get your mind off from fringe tv series.

3. Travelers (TV Series 2016-2018):

Travelers is a Canadian-American science fiction television series. In the series, hundred years ago, humans are barely surviving and are discovering how to send consciousness back through time into people of the 21st century and trying to save humanity from an alarming terrible future.

Shows like travelers can successfully entertain you like fringe series.

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4. The OA (TV Series 2016-2019):

The OA is an American mystery drama streaming television series with science fiction, supernatural, and fantasy elements. After missing for seven years, Prairie returns with her previous blindness mysteriously gone leaving mysteriously curious as to what miracle she has endured. Although, Netflix has canceled the third season of the series bit still the fans are very hopeful as the series has quite a fan base.

5. Torchwood (2006-2011):

Torchwood is a British science-fiction television series. The series follows the exploits of a small team of alien-hunters that made up the fictional torchwood institute that mainly deals with the incidents involving extraterrestrials. It involves secret agents and supernatural elements just like fringe.

6. Warehouse 13 (TV Series 2009-2014):

Warehouse 13 is an American science fiction television series dealing with elements like ancient mysteries, investigation, and supernatural elements. After saving the life of the President, two secret agents get appointed to a top-secret Warehouse 13. The series is an excellent watch for fringe fans. 

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7. The Lost Room (TV Mini-Series 2006):

This science fiction series contains alternate dimensions, supernatural elements, teleportation, etc. A detective investigates a mysterious motel room that acts as a gate to an alternate universe. The show is a sure watch for fringe lovers.

8. Lost (TV Series 2004-2010):

It is an American television series including mysterious places and characters, adventure, and survival. The survivors of a terrible plane crash end up on an island trying to survive that holds many secrets in it. The series has a lot of curiosity elements and can help satisfy your cravings left from the fringe series. 

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9. Continuum (TV Series 2012-2015):

Continuum is a Canadian science fiction series that is suspenseful, serious, and captivating. The series centers on the conflict between a group of rebels from the year 2077 and travel in 2012 and a police officer accidentally happens to join them. The series follows a variety of suspenseful and serious events. 

10. Stranger Things (TV Series 2016-):

Stranger things is an American science fiction-horror television series currently streaming on Netflix. The series consists of various elements including supernatural elements, parallel universe, telekinesis, and paranormal phenomenon. The series is followed by the events when a kid vanishes, and a small town discovers certain mysteries including supernatural elements and a mysterious little girl.