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  • Squid Game Season 1
  • IMDB:- 8.3/10
  • Creator: Jung Jae il.
  • Stars:  Yuuki Luna, Daniel C Kennedy, John D. Michaels.

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A separated motorist and gambling addict (Lee Jung-jae), floundering to support his son and living with his mama, is invited to play a series of children’s games for a KRW45.6 billion prize. At an unknown position where masked guards in pink jumsuits always keep an eye on them, he competes with 455 other players who are also in debt. After the 456 players discover that losing the games can be fatal, the players start clubbing with each other to survive.

Neither can nearly 500 other actors, all of whom have been freely whisked down to the middle of nowhere, under surveillance by masked guards and sheathe in numbered T-shirts and sweatsuits. All are chasing the magical sum of plutocrat that could potentially make every single bone of their problems vanish– but at what cost?

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More About Squid Game Season 1:

That each becomes apparent once the” players” realize indeed the simplest children’s game in this captivity-suchlike emulsion could affect in a nippy, painful death. The childlike joy of”Red Light, Green Light” snappily devolves into a harrowing sight as those who move a single muscle during the” red light”are unceremoniously shot where they stand.

It’s hanging, of course, but maybe indeed more intimidating is the idea that these people are willingly sharing. The study of returning to their old lives and facing their debts is so terrible that they’d rather risk imminent death. It’s a conception that hangs heavy throughout the series’ spare 9- occasion run, especially as the story expands from Gi-hun’s kindly selfish actuality and explores the others involved in the games.

One of the series’ topmost strengths is weaving a involved web of character development that pays off with each new hour we watch. North Korean deserter Kang Sae-byeok (Jung Ho-yeon) is tough as nails on the outside, but sometimes reveals a kinder, gentler side. Gi-hun’s nonage friend Cho Sang-woo (Park Hae-soo) is an indeed more interesting case, having stolen plutocrat from his guests, going so far as to put his mama’s home and business on the line as collateral. And though we know all this, these players’ truest intentions remain blurred time and time again. That’s part of what keeps us watching, after all.