A wide selection of both old and modern movies is available on Subask, which can let you recollect the past. It offers a variety of choices based on your interests and tastes. It provides you with movie selections based on your search keyword effectiveness. With the help of str, files download you can even download these very easily.


Since there are a lot of features on SubAsk hence we are going to take things slowly, once you view the site you will find tons of movies along with their categories that whether they are translated subtitles, editable subtitles or downloaded. The site allows the users to make edits if they find anything incorrect or inappropriate and once the edit has been made the particular movie or show will be counted in the section of the nonverified category once these subtitles have been verified they will change.

You would view how our site is mostly under process since regular things are being updated and most of them are done by the viewers. In case you find that some worthy existing movie subtitles are unavailable on our site then you add your own and it will be presented once confirmed or verified, such as the chunk on earth subtitles.

You are allowed to create your account and even make searches using any part of the subtitles necessary. Some of the greatest tv shows and movies are available on the site such as Indiana Jones and Game of Thrones. Since we wish to supply international services that is why you can find more than 50 language subtitles for each movie hence breaking the language barrier.

Why are subtitles considered so important?

More people can watch movies due to subtitles since nearly 5% of the population has auditory problems, and these people have a right to enjoy wonderful movies as well. For youngsters, Subask offers simple learning subtitles that will help them understand more effectively and efficiently. To draw in a larger audience, it attracts people of all years and genders.

By offering simple subtitles in a foreign language, Subask improves the intelligibility of material more than other websites. No other website offers a wide variety of languages in a single video. Seeing a film that is primarily about a place and you can’t understand it solely because of the language is meaningless.

Subask takes away such barriers and offers a simple approach to comprehending the idea of the material. Whenever you view an action film, all you may hear is yelling and other sounds that you may not be able to follow at all, which may cause you to lose interest in the film. Subask offers swift and precise subtitles that make every sentence understandable for you.

Offering different languages to audiences

There are various reasons why individuals require subtitles; some like to watch movies with captions while others learn best graphically. It’s not necessary that individuals who require subtitles must speak the tongue of the movie or video. To enhance the viewing experience and make the information more comprehensible when sound is absent, Subask inserts subtitle into the films.

In addition to increasing video sharing and viewing time, subtitles also aid in movie finding and offer extended view durations. Focusing on the topic and even producing their work from it aids the viewer. It’s crucial to offer more than simply subtitles since they function uniquely for various types of viewers. Subask fulfills this need.

To attract a variety of audiences, the subtitles are somewhat modified. To encourage the audience to watch a film by their interests, it creates subtitles unique for the public and specific audiences like the movie mirror Malayalam.

What makes our SubAsk special?

The presence of some movies which are the oldest yet the greatest of all time such as the ela veezha poonchira English subtitles are available on the site, along with all of the game of thrones season 6 subtitles. And the second best thing is that you are allowed to make any of the changes you wish to do to the site’s subtitles and even add or delete some of them that don’t make sense. The availability of different languages hence everyone could enjoy our services.

What is Subask about?

Nowadays, enjoyment has become important, and all anybody wishes to do is view a film that will delight him while also educating him and helping him develop his language skills by watching films in various genres and tongues. What makes that possible? Only if a film provides subtitles and thorough narrative descriptions are this practicable.

And to support you with studying and provide you with alternatives for fantastic fun views, we have offered you a fantastic entertainment website called subtask. We provide a tonne of the most enjoyable movies on Subask, all with subtitles, so that users may not only be amused but also comprehend and pick up new languages. This encourages spectator attention and fills the time with plenty of enjoyment.