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The thing that makes our site special is the fact that we contain tons of data, from your least favorite movie to your all-time favorite movie and every tv show we got you covered by their scripts. The scripts are brought to you by our highly active staff and to ensure that correct dialogues are displayed on the site multiple sources are used for checking.


Finding scripts for a particular movie on the web can be a hectic duty but here on the Subs Like Script site, you can find any script for literally any movie or episode of a drama that is going trending. Each script is an example of a text file holding a set of directions that must be carried out by a specific application or scripting management to accomplish the required automated activity.

This will save people from having to complete several difficult processes to get certain outcomes when viewing a website or using a computer. Because the scripts are text, a simple text editor may be used to open and modify them.

People can easily download these scripts to generate subtitles that are very helpful and help in better understanding any movie or drama. On our site, you can find the entire movie script from starting to ending with zero dialogue missed.

What makes SubsLikeScript distinctive?

Along with each dialogue you get to know the name of the speaker and the action that is going on. Regular updates are being uploaded on the site and are displayed to the user. Tv shows and movies are categorized uniquely along with the next parts of the movies and the new episodes of your favorite tv shows.

You can go up to thousands of pages in search for any movie and if you have to search any particular part of the script you can use the searching button.

How is the script used by the users?

There are multiple reasons why individuals enjoy the scripts of their favorite movies downloaded. People love to read the scripts of movies for better understanding or just download them and attach them with the video play for more fun. This way you catch all the best dialogues that you must have missed while focusing on the characters and story rather than the script of these characters.

You may find tons of script websites on the internet but here at Subs Like Script got you are covered with hundreds of high-rated movie scripts. Since writers spend many days coming up with the best script with lots of attractive dialogue, the viewer should enjoy each dialogue and understand the scenario.

Everyone enjoys a good movie, but relatively few audiences are aware of the amount of energy that goes into producing one. A movie screenplay serves as the building block from which a movie is created, just as a basement lays the framework for a structure.

These scripts can be used as subtitles and can also be translated into other languages and which would be very helpful for those people who don’t understand those specific languages. If you are in search of where to look for tv show scripts then you have found yourself at the right place.

What is a script?

For movies, TV programs, and stage productions, the location, protagonists, conversation, and stage directions are all included in the script. Such shows are staged by directors who respond to the script’s requirements. In live theatre, authors produce the scripts, which are often referred to as playscripts.

Screenwriters are those who compose scripts for movies and television shows. Screenplays are used for movies, whereas teleplays are used for television. For a theatre production, the creative process begins with the script, although theatre, cinema, and television are all necessarily collective arts. The screenplay is modified by filmmakers, performers, and creators.

Sometimes throughout the playwriting process, these experts learn fresh information about the topic that the initial script writer may not have thought about. While a strong tv show script serves as the basis for a fantastic delivery, other elements of the creative process also play a part.

Who basically writes a movie script?

Screenwriters, imaginative professionals who specialize in creating and producing screenplays for cinema, produce the scripts for movies, either from scratch or as modifications from books or stories that have previously been presented in another form. Professional screenwriters often spend many years developing their skills as they discover the most effective techniques to compose fascinating dialogue and develop relatable stories.

A formal degree in cinema or screenwriting is not necessary to develop into a great screenwriter, but some famous screenwriters do. Commitment and devotion to crafting a great tale are the most crucial traits that screenwriters have in common. Screenwriters are often engaged as independent artists rather than as employees by major studios.

Aspiring screenwriters often write a spec screenplay that they thereafter offer for sale to clients. On the other hand, a screenwriter may be hired by a studio to create a screenplay. In this situation, they would cooperate tightly with the producers and studio officials to build the movie script.