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  • Suicide Squad
  • IMDB:- 5.9/10
  • Director: David Ayer.
  • Writers: David Ayer.
  • Stars: Will Smith, Jared Leto, Margot Robbie.

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More About Suicide Squad:

Suicide Squad movie’s director is David Ayer. It is a superhero film based on comics. It was made in the US.

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 The following actors are the main cast:

  • Will Smith playing Deadshot
  • Margot Robbie playing Harley Quinn 
  • Joel Kinnaman playing Col. Rick Flag
  • Voilà Davis playing Amanda Waller
  • Jai Courtney playing Captain Boomerang
  • Jay Hernandez playing El Diablo
  • Adewale Akinnuoye- Agbaje playing Killer croc
  • Cara Delvingine playing Dr June moon
  • Ike Barinholtz playing Capt. Hunter Griggs
  • Scott Eastwood playing GQ Edwards
  • Adam Beach playing Slipknot
  • Karen Fukuhara playing Katana
  • Jared Leto playing Joker
  • Ben Affleck playing Batman/Bruce Wayne
  • Ezra Miller playing Barry Allen/ The Flash
  • Jason Momoa playing Arthur Carry/ Aqua man
  • Allan Chanoine playing Incubus
  • David Harbour playing Derek Tolliver 
  •  Alex Meraz playing Navy DEAL Gomez
  • Matt Baram playing Dr Van Criss
  •  Corina Calderon playing Diablo’s wife
  • David Ayer playing Belle Reve officer


Release date and subtitles:

The Suicide Squad was showed first in 2016. The release date is 5th August. Suicide squad subtitles , Suicide squad subtitles hindi , Suicide squad subtitles malayalam , Suicide squad bangla subtitle , Suicide squad 480p English subtitles can all be found online easily for free.


After Superman’s death,Task Force X was prepared by an intelligence officer called Amanda Walker. The team comprises of some famous criminals who were from Belle Reve Prison. A nano bomb is implanted in their necks to prevent them from escaping. They are placed Colonel Rick Flag’s command. The squad is for use as disposable assets in dangerous missions for the government. One of the squad member is an archaeologist. She is possessed by a witch-goddess who calls herself the “Enchantress”. Waller uses the squad to save a high-profile target from Midway City, which is said to be under attack. The Enchantress’ minions attack the squad. However, the teams fights it and finds a safe place to hide.They find out that the person they are rescuing is Waller herself, who is trying to hide that her hand is behind the siege.

In the next Suicide squad subtitles subscene English , you can read that the flag is then forced to tell the truth. So the squad members leave him, but Flag keeps working on the mission. The team reunites with flag once more. Then they find that  Enchantress is at an old subway station. They attack her while the navy team manages to hold Incubus down for enough time to let a bomb to detonate below. The other squad members fight with Enchantress together but she defeats them all. Enchantress’s heart is seized by flag who destroys it, and June is freed from the curse. Waller stays alive during all this and appears on the scene. Then the squad is send back to prison.

Everyone is allowed special privileges except captain Boomerang. The Joker survives the crash and he breaks into the prison to rescue Harley. Then Waller agrees to meet with Bruce Wayne who promises to protect her in exchange for state secrets.

Suicide Squad has a talented ensemble and a bit more humour than past DCEU entries, but these factors are insufficient to redeem the film from a confusing storyline, terribly written characters, and jagged directing. We appreciated how the whole picture felt extremely recent and modern-day, especially in its style and slang but amazingly, this film battled so distressingly with its storyline. For Suicide squad 2016 subtitles download,yify is a good website. You can also find Suicide squad 2 subtitles online on yify.