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  • The Dark Knight
  • IMDB:- 9/10
  • Director: Christopher Nolan.
  • Writers: Jonathan Nolan, Christopher Nolan.
  • Stars: Christian Bale, Heath Ledger, Aaron Ekhart

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More About The Dark Knight:

The Dark Knight is Batman Begins Sequel directed by Christopher Nolan and includes:

  • Christian Bale playing Batman
  • Michael Caine playing Alfred J. Pennyworth
  • Heath Ledger playing Joker
  • Aaron Eckhart playing Harvey Dent/Two-Face
  • Maggie Gyllenhaal playing Rachel Dawes
  • Gary Oldman playing James Gordon 
  •  Morgan Freeman playing Lucius Fox.

as the main cast. It was released in the U.S.on 18 July 2008.

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I watched the The Dark Knight online. It was more successful than its prequel and any other franchise movie before or afterwards. The death of young actor Heath Ledger and subsequent media sensation impacted the film’s popular exposure and publicity. The dark Knight subdl site also has The dark knight subtitles malayalam, The dark knight hindi subtitles, The dark knight sub indonesia present on it. This helps people to enjoy the movie easily.

Eighteen months after plunging dramatically off a roof as I read in Batman Begins subtitles ending, Gotham City’s favourite gloomy vigilante is hard at work. The mob bosses and bad guys are terrified, holding a meeting when a clown wearing a purple-coloured suit known as Joker visits them and offers help to get rid of Batman for a heap of money.

Meanwhile, Batman and Harvey Dent partner up with Lt. James Gordon to shut down the mob’s last remaining money laundering business. They thought they finally got the culprit when the Joker seriously raises his strategy: killing a judge, blowing up a hospital, and slaying Gordon’s main testimony against the Mafia. Batman attempts to cling on as he can in this The Dark Knight sub scene, but when his closest buddy Rachel Dawes gets killed in the thick of it all, he even asks how far he’ll have to go to get this guy down, which made Harvey Dent the villainous Two-Face. Now, Batman must stop not one, but two madmen trying to ruin any kind of civic order of Gotham city.


The Joker prepares for Batman by warning to blow a pair of ferries, one loaded with innocent citizens and one full of imprisoned criminals, then putting the detonator in each ferry’s hands and threatening to blow them both up if someone doesn’t pull the trigger. The Batman calls it a bluff and he was right. After saving the policeman from mistakenly killing some innocent hostages (in this one, the Joker’s a busy guy), he dejected the Joker and they both watch while no ferry blows.

However, the joker got Harvey on his side during all this. Batman was busy fighting off the joker,and he forgot all about Harvey Dent during this. Harvey took Jim Gordon’s family hostage, Batman went there and rescued them all. Harvey falls to death in the fight afterwards, and while Batman saves Gordon’s family, but he can’t stop what is about to happen next. All the crooks Batman had put away heard about Harvey’s craziness and were about to set loose on the streets.

Now there’s just one way to stop this from occurring. Blaming Batman for Harvey’s crimes. That leaves Harvey’s charges intact and Gotham’s citizens secure, but Batman’s reputation was ruined. Yeah, we know it’s a downer. 

The movie is still one of its own kind. Everything about the movie is just great, from the acting to the cast, from the story to screenplay. Heath Ledger had to face criticism but he proved everyone wrong by putting up an extraordinary performance. Truly a great protagonist. The Dark Knight Rises was commissioned to be released in 2012 along with amazing The Dark Knight Rises subtitles available online for the people.