5 Shows like Psych That You Should be Watching in 2023

Shows like Psych

Psych shows are famous because of their writing and acting. So if you are a true fan of psych then you must surely watch these series. I have jotted down a few most-watched shows for your ease.

1. The Mentalist 

This series has 151 episodes which are all based upon mind games. You will see a rich man who figures out his life when his wife and daughter get murdered. After that he used his abilities to help the criminal department to find out the real culprit and murderer of their family so he can take revenge from him. Through his power of observation, he receives great results and gets very near in the search of the murderer. You will see a lot of humor.

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2. Supernatural: 

This is one of the longest series. As it has 300 episodes and 15 seasons. All the story revolves around 2 brothers who have supernatural powers. They fight around the US with their superpowers. It was released in 2005.

3. Whimsical: 

It is a comedy-drama that has murders involved in it. In this, the character who is a pie maker possesses the ability to bring the dead back to life with just a single touch. Through this he plans to solve the case as with his powers he will bring the dead back to life and will ask all the details regarding murder and will again send him back to the graveyard. This show has only 2 seasons but is very famous because of its style and vocabulary. 

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4. Chuck: 

Chuck debuted after Psych. It is a story based on comedy and action. You will see a perfect bond between two friends Chuck and Morgan. Chuck has an extraordinary mindset which makes him involved in CIA and NSA activities. The bromance of both friends makes this show a great hit.

5. iZombie

iZombie is one of the most amazing and watched shows. In this you will see how a medical examiner portrays to be a psychic in terms of being a secret detective and solving all the criminal cases.

Although the character is not that observant he still receives flashbacks from past incidents. In her memory, she thinks of eating human flesh in order to prove herself being a zombie. The show has action, thriller and comedy scenes in it. It shows the best puns and the background music is superb. You can easily watch it on Hulu or Amazon Prime.

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Why did Netflix remove psych? 

When the USA officially planned not to produce more episodes and series of this show after eight seasons then Netflix removed pushy from its website.

Is psych on Hulu? 

By luck, psych is not available on Hulu. But you never know after some time in the near future the show can show up on Hulu. Only 1 show of psych is available on Hulu which is White Collar. It is from Blue Skies. In this, you will see an FBI agent who helps in stopping white-collar crime. Many characters will escape from the situation as they don’t want to get involved in any trouble. Throughout this show, you will see subtitles as well. It will make it easier for you to watch Spanish shows with English subtitles. 

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Monk and psych: 

In this you will see a character who has an excellent memory. He observes his surroundings very keenly. The show is based upon crime scenes and humor. A monk having compulsive disorder which occurred after his beloved wife’s death. After that he was so heartbroken that he became a detective for San Francisco police. He consulted his neurosurgeon throughout which also helped him in solving cases.

Psych on Amazon prime

Psych is available on amazon prime for free. You can easily watch it by sitting at home enjoying popcorn. 

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Psych and the legal: 

The story is based upon an observant who is involved in solving mysterious crimes. He lies about his profession that he is a lawyer although he’s not. He gathers information through his observation and sources and makes people believe that he’s a lawyer. You can easily watch the show on Peacock and Amazon Prime.