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  • Venom 2
  • Director: Andy Serkis
  • Writer: Kelly Marcel
  • Stars: Tom Hardy, Michelle Williams, Woody Harrelson.

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More About Venom 2:

Before discussing the story plot and cast of Venom 2, let’s have a recap of the first part of this sequel.

The story of the movie revolves around a journalist named Eddie Brock. He had a bad interview with a company known as Life Foundation that ruined his career. After some time, Eddie comes across the founder of that company again and he investigates some of his experiments. During this process, his body gets merged with an alien named Venom. 

This changed the life of the journalist as he became a superhuman having great strength and power. Venom is a black frightening alien that only harms bad people. Eddie on the other hand tries to stick to his matters but Venom is controlling him. 

The second part of this sequel is delayed due to some reasons but is not very much far away. Hopefully, it will hit the cinemas in June of the year 2023. You will be seeing Eddie in the same character and Venom as his partner. You will also be seeing the female Venom too. Wow! Now, that is making things interesting.

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The cast of Venom 2

Michelle Williams will be playing the role of Eddie’s wife again. There will be some interesting new villain characters as well. There are rumors about the addition of Spiderman in the second part as well. Let’s have a look at the characters of Venom 2.

Eddie Brock

He is the main character and the movie will be incomplete without him. Plus the Venom factor that will come with him will make his appearance more powerful. In the last part, Eddie and Venom destroyed Carlton Drake and Riot. The role of this villain in the second part is not known yet. It seems that the director wants to give the audience a surprise.  

Anne Weying 

In the first part, we saw how the relationship between Eddie and Anne broke because of Eddie’s investigation regarding Drake’s experiments. She acted as a lawyer for the Life Foundation and because of her lover’s activities, she lost her job. The character of Williams in the second part has not been described yet. There are possibilities that she will be acting the role of female Venom. 

Cletus Kasady 

Acted as the villain in the first part of Venom, this psycho is also known as carnage. There were not any signs given to fans of Cletus to be returning in the second part of the sequel. Surely, all of us want to see him again as he played the role of a psycho brilliantly. He will be in the second part as he is the favorite voted villain of the fans. You just need to wait to see what he brings this time. 

Dan Lewis 

Dan Lewis is acting as a doctor in the first part of the sequel. He was also the boyfriend of Williams. When Eddie was captured by Venom. He (doctor) tried to diagnose Eddie’s problem. However, he does not have a lot of scenes in the first part. Dan Lewis will make a comeback in the second part. His role is not discussed with the audience yet but hopefully, there will be fun. 


Here is a new entry for the sequel. The role of Shriek will be played by Naomie Harris. This news was like a piece of cake for the fans as she would be acting to be the villain in the second part. You might be confused about her role. If you are familiar with the comic story then, you might know that she will be helping Carnage. Let’s wait and see what she has got for her fans. 

Stephan Graham 

As there will be new characters in the second part, maybe this is the reason for the delay. You will be seeing Stephan in the Venom 2 film. Nothing is specified regarding his role yet. Let’s see if he is acting to be a bad or a good guy. 


It seems that the directors want this part of Venom 2 to be full of your favorite characters. It is still a rumor that spiderman will be seen in the second part of the sequel. Although, there is not any confirmation from the director. We all know that he will be playing the role of a good guy as always. Only time will tell whether he has an appearance in the movie or not. 

The storyline of Venom 2

One thing is quite sure that with these characters in the cast, this part of the venom sequel is going to be a roller coaster ride. Venom will keep on doing the odd things he does. The new characters that are acting villains will have relationships with the former villains to make things worse.